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Public Works Management Practices Manual - 10th Edition

Developed by and for public works professionals, the widely used Public Works Management Practices Manual updates and improves statements that describe the basic criteria and procedures necessary to perform as a full-service public works agency and provides the framework for the objective self-evaluation of an agency.

Changes to the 10th edition include 10 mandatory chapters, including a new chapter on Asset Management (chapter 10) which involves inventory, condition assessment and inspection; chapter 2 is reduced to 36 practices (removing three practices related to union contracts). Comparing your agency's operations to industry standards provides the opportunity for growth in many areas. This includes establishing new processes for improvement, learning new methods, identifying team-building tools, developing SOPs, and engaging and empowering employees.

Enhance your self-assessment experience by purchasing the accompanying online tracking software. Agencies applying for Accreditation must purchase the Online Tracking Software as part of the program.
August 31, 2020
Spiral Bound Book

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