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Chipper Temporary Tattoos

Chipper, our cute little puppy from Discovering the World of Public Works, now joins the ranks of Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street characters and other child favorites as a temporary tattoo!

Each package contains individual 1.5" x 1.5" non-toxic easy to apply and remove Chipper temporary tattoos.
$2.00 - $15.00
$3.00 - $20.00

Chipper's Adventures in Public Works

When Ben and Madison's six month-old puppy, Chipper, slips out of the house one Friday evening, the children are forced to chase him through a succession of hazardous situations and sites in their town. Along the way, they meet a number public works employees who help them locate Chipper.

Chipper's Chilly Chase

It's up to Chipper to track a "bandit" through freezing weather and the unique world of wintertime public works. Chipper plows through piles of snow, slides across slippery ice, and meets the special people working out in the cold.

Chipper's Twister Tale

Chipper and the Keystone family enjoy all the sights, sounds, and smells of the school festival. However, the day's excitement becomes too much when disaster strikes—a fierce tornado hits the town of Glenwillow! During the savage storm, Chipper becomes separated from his friends and family. The little dog must find his way home, all the while discovering how the people in his community come together after such a frightening emergency.

Mystery of the Night Vandals

This suspenseful story will keep students guessing as 7th graders Joshua and Ernesto race to find out who's behind the vandalism in Lakeside, Illinois before their Academic Decathlon! As the boys juggle their investigation with study sessions for the community section of the competition, they learn the impact of vandalism and the ways in which public works strengthen and maintain a community. Students collect clues about the Night Vandals and knowledge about public works along with the characters, learning in a fun, creative way. The novel concludes with a 10-question "Mystery Vandal Quiz" which encourages students to demonstrate what they learn.

P.W. Paws Balloons

Decorate all your community events with P.W. Paws after you purchase these balloons! Kids will absolutely love to see their favorite Chipper character in the skies!
$7.50 - $55.00
$10.00 - $72.00

P.W. Paws Coloring Book

P.W. Paws helps children learn about public works in this 12-page coloring book.

P.W. Paws Pencil Pouch

This P.W. Paws pencil pouch is perfect for organizing pencils, pens and other school items.

P.W. Paws Pencils

Kids and adults of any age will love these P.W. Paws pencils! Let Paws say it for you! The pencil comes with gold ferrules, red eraser, and a #2 lead.
$7.25 - $55.00
$9.50 - $60.00

P.W. Paws Plush

This adorable plush is sure to brighten your day. Bring him home today!