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PAVER(TM) Products

PAVER(TM) is an automated pavement management system and decision making tool for the development of cost effective maintenance and repair alternatives for roads and streets, parking lots, and airfields.
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PAVER: Asphalt Distress Manual

This helpful manual includes descriptions and instructions for measuring and rating asphalt pavements.

PAVER: Asphalt Surfaced Airfields

This manual contains distress definitions and measurement methods for asphalt surfaced airfields.
U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center - Construction Engineering Research Lab.

PAVER: Concrete Distress Manual

This manual contains descriptions plus measuring and rating instructions for 19 distress types found in jointed concrete pavement.

PAVER: Concrete Surfaced Airfields

A full description of the PCI determination method for airfields and its use in pavement management is presented in this publication.
U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Lab