Closing General Session: View from Above
5/21/2019 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Room: Ballroom 355

Terry Virts, Former NASA Astronaut, United States Air Force Colonel (Ret)

Terry Virts is a veteran of two spaceflights: a two-week mission onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2010 and a 200-day stint on the Space Station in 2014/2015. His seven months in space included three spacewalks, piloting the Space Shuttle, and performing science experiments. While in space, Terry took over 300,000 still images and was an integral part of the filming and starring in the IMAX film "A Beautiful Planet."

Terry's interests go well beyond space. His book "A View From Above" is a National Geographic publication that combines his photographs from space with stories that share the experience of spaceflight, perspectives on life on earth, and our place in the cosmos.

He has not stood still since returning to earth. He has been involved in multiple projects including writing and co-hosting National Geographic's coverage of the recent eclipse, using his drone and cinematography skills to film great white sharks off the coast of Mexico, visiting and filming at the South Pole, and speaking extensively throughout Asia and Europe. He is currently working on a TV show that will feature a unique region of the earth as it looked from space in each episode, and then, Terry will explore the region, meetings its people and experiencing local culture.

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