How Organizational Health Drives Service, Productivity, and Employee Morale
5/21/2019 10:10 AM - 11:00 AM
Room: 255C

Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa with a population of 131,127, more than 600 miles of paved roadway, and a vibrant downtown. In 2014, a major ice event nearly crippled the community when only a handful of the City’s 90 street maintenance employees responded to the emergency call to treat roadways. This poor response and low morale required drastic, immediate attention and a renewed effort to build cooperation between bargaining and non-bargaining units. In 2017, a similar ice event occurred with very different results – every employee responded to the call. Don’t miss this interesting story about establishing culture change, instilling pride in levels of service, and involving employees in the solution.

After Attending This Session, You Will be Better Able to:
1. Identify, recommend, and implement solutions that will improve organizational culture.
2. Develop a training program that builds trust and establishes shared departmental goals.
3. Improve winter operations procedures and response times, and deliver the best possible levels of service with available resources.
Speaker : Michael Duffy Street Operations Manager, City of Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids, IA
Speaker : Brian McLeod Lead Streets Supervisor, City of Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids, IA