Jam Session: Why Do We Always Get Picked Last?
5/21/2019 10:10 AM - 11:00 AM
Room: 255B

Put yourself in your residents’ point of view and then brainstorm ways to develop a plan for prioritizing service levels, order of execution, and then communicating that plan back to the community. We want your participation in this conversational “jam session” so bring your best ideas and have fun with the process.

After Attending This Session, You Will be Better Able to:
1. Challenge decision makers to look at alternative ways of prioritizing service levels and order of execution.
2. Collaborate with other snow and ice professionals regarding your decisions and be able to better explain your process to the community.
3. Explore the possibility of taking a new approach to snow and ice control before, during, and after snow events.
Speaker : Mr. Shane Mark Director of Streets and Sidewalks, City of Newton Public Works Department, Newton, MA
Speaker : Mike Smith Technical Training Specialist, University of Massachusetts-Baystate Roads, Amherst, MA