Overcoming Operational Challenges at a Snow Storage Site
5/21/2019 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM
Room: 255F

In cities where the snow does not melt for the entire winter season, snow storage facilities are an essential component of winter maintenance. Depending on the type of facility, managing a snow storage site involves not only staff and equipment costs but also the costs associated with environmental testing, utilities, and site maintenance during the summer. The City of Regina has adopted innovative technologies to gather site user data, implement a cost recovery initiative, and regularly educate snow-hauling contractors and their staff.

After Attending This Session, You Will be Better Able to:
1. Establish methods for making your snow storage site more sustainable and efficient.
2. Use cost-effective technology to remotely gather user-specific data like the truck size, site usage frequency, etc.
3. Overcome the operational challenges of managing a snow storage site operation.
Speaker : Neeraj Saroj Senior Engineer and Project Manager, City of Regina, Regina, SK