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Public Works Administration, Supervision and Management Kit

Now, for the first time, three great management books ALL IN ONE BUNDLE at a discounted price! Leadership isn't easy, but the tips and tools in these books can aid you in charting the right course for yourself and your agency. This kit can help you become a successful leader.

Public Works Administration: Operations

Public works operations don't take place in a vacuum; they are influenced by such issues as finance, law, and fundamentals of government. The "Blue Book" gives you an overview of public works operations and discusses how to use such tools as strategic planning, systems thinking and policy development to create your agency's future.

Public Works Administration: Supervision and Management

Today's public works leaders need to be more than technically competent. They need to be able to lead, manage, inspire and communicate-the very skills the "Yellow Book" will help you develop. Learn to effectively demonstrate real leadership with employees in the workplace, citizens on the streets, and customers over the counter.