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A Little Book on Job Success

Management consultant Herb Fain draws on his many years of experience to offer tips and techniques for achieving success. This little book is peppered with full-color graphics and easy-to-remember quips that make it a fun and fulfilling read.

A Public Finance Primer for Public Works Professionals

Do you and your finance officer speak the same language? This book, by a CPA who learned 'to speak public works' through her local government work experience, will give you insight into the accountant's mind. After reading this primer you'll have a better grasp of the terminology and concepts you need to know so that you and the finance officer can both get your jobs done.

Colonels of Wisdom - A Daughter's Reflections on Leadership

Combining quotes from her father, "The Colonel" with heartfelt and engaging stories, Lauren Schieffer highlights leadership principles applicable to anyone leading a team.
LSE Publications

Executive Soft Skills Pocket Guide

Sometimes, leading depends on mastering the "soft skills" that will get the hard results! This pocket guide is full of tips on building constructive work relationships, handling media, managing meetings and more. No leader should be without it.

Filter Shift: How Effective People See the World

Filter Shift describes the notion of unconscious filters: how we create them, how we perceive the world through them, and how they control us. The vast majority of us persistently held back by our unconscious biases and misperceptions, even with the best of intentions. Filter Shift explores the unseen dynamics that get in the way, providing a series of blueprints for success.
Morgan James Publishing

Humor, Heroism & Humanity in Public Works

This book is a collection of vignettes dedicated to the quiet, everyday heroes of public works, men and women who keep their humor and humanity under harsh and difficult conditions.
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It's Not What You Sell, It's What You Stand For

"Purpose is a reason for being that goes beyond making money-and it almost always results in making more money than you ever thought possible." Especially during times of great economic uncertainty, purpose is the key to creating and maintaining a high- performing organization, deserving just as much attention as strategy, execution, and innovation. These insider insights and case studies will help you discover your organization's purpose, proclaim it to the world, and apply it to everything you do.
Portfolio Trade
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It's Your Move: Strategic Planning for PW Agencies

This book provides a framework for public works professionals to develop a sense of mission, a vision of the future, reporting systems, operational procedures, operating plans, and strategic planning documents.
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Management Recipes for Success

This compilation of APWA Reporter articles published as "The Baker's Potluck" and "Recipes for Success" series can help you make a difference in your organization and in your community.
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More Than Everything You Need to Know...PW Director

In this updated and expanded edition of an APWA classic, John Ostrowski brings new insight to his previous work and provides 10 new chapters besides. Filled with wisdom and wit, this thought-provoking compilation of observations and experiences explores what it takes to successfully lead a public works department.