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DIY: PW Math 101: WorksShop Kit

Built for chapters and agencies, the Public WorksShop Kit is a complete package of program materials for use by the chapter's or agency's selected facilitator. This course is designed for individuals who are interested in brushing up on their math skills. It provides in-depth instruction and hands-on training for calculating volume and area, as needed to determine the amount of concrete or asphalt needed to pave a given area (such as a driveway or parking lot).

Ethics for Public Works Professionals & Supervisors Program

These courses are designed for individuals that are interested in exploring ethics; as it applies personally, professionally, in supervision and in management.
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Habits of Dysfunctional Leaders (Full eLearning Course)

This course has been designed to help individuals identify, manage and avoid dysfunctional leadership habits. It will help leaders identify areas that may need improvement. It will also help employees identify dysfunctional leaders and determine how to successfully work with individuals who employ these behaviors.


This course explores contractual authority and relational factors that can affect project progress.

Package - Principles of Public Works Operations

This series is designed for individuals or agencies looking to expand their knowledge and learn how to implement best practices in all areas of public works operations. Topics covered in this series include: Right-of-Way Management, Fleet Management, Winter Maintenance Management, Engineering and Technology Management, Asset Management, Water Resources Management, Solid Waste Management, Facilities and Grounds Management, Sustainability, Emergency Management, and Transportation Management.

Pre-Construction Meeting: Attendees and Agenda

This course will help the learner identify who should attend the pre-construction meeting and what submittals should be presented.

Pre-Construction Meeting: Processes and Procedures

This course will help the learner communicate the administrative processes and procedures that will take place during construction.

Pre-Construction Preparation: Plans and Specifications

This course addresses the importance of becoming familiar with the plans and specifications prior to beginning work.

Pre-Construction Preparation: Project Coordination

This course discusses communication with the contractor and the community to understand the expectations prior to beginning work.

Pre-Existing Site Documentation

This course emphasizes the importance of documenting conditions on-site prior to the start of work, and various methods that can be used.