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Clear Roads CBT Training Series

This is a seven-part computer based training on winter maintenance.

This Computer Based Training (CBT) uses contemporary multimedia technology that will engage and evaluate the learner by means of a convenient, economical medium.

  • Equipment Maintenance - preparation, equipment, inspection, maintenance and end-of-season tasks (2 hours)
  • Proper Plowing Techniques - preparation, safety, snow removal equipment, roadway plowing techniques, special equipment and areas, and clean-up (2 hours)
  • Deicing- deicing materials and equipment; material selection and ordering; maufacturing, handling and storage; application guidelines and techniques; equipment maintenance (4 hours)
  • Blowing Snow Mitigation - problem of snow blowing; snow fences and their design; identifying and analyzing problem areas; road design to mitigate snow; working with landowners (3 hours)
  • Winter Maintenance Management - snow and ice operational plans; establishing levels of service; operational methods; selecting snow and ice control materials; material management; budgeting and staffing (2 hours)
  • Performance Measures for Snow and Ice Control Operations - importance; input and output measures; outcome measures; PSIC and winter severity index; technologies to help measure and report performance; developing a performance measures system and field test plan (4 hours)
  • Selecting Snow & Ice Control Materials to Mitigate Environmental Impacts - formulating a material selection process; potential impact to the natural environment; determining cmparative material prices; comparative performance measures; material purchase specifications and quality assurance (2 hours)

    The student can exit the course at any time and resume where s/he last left off during a subsequent session. Topics can be completed in any order. Centralized records mean that training managers can monitor students' progress through an individual course as well as the suite of CBTs as a whole at any time.

    Considering all the advantages to computer-based training and the focus of this module, this is likely to be embraced by the snow and ice industry as one of the best training tools to enhance any agency's operations!

    This is a pooled fund research project aimed at rigorous testing of winter maintenance materials, equipment and methods for use by highway maintenance crews - in conjunction with the American Public Works Association (APWA), the National Association of County Engineers (NACE), and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
  • This seven-part computer based training program is a comprehensive training in all aspects of winter roadway maintenance.
    Additional Information:
    24 hours
    January 01, 2009
    Individual CD-ROMs or Set of 7 CD-ROMs

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