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Anti-icing / RWIS Training

Across North America significant improvement in winter maintenance have been taking place. Traditional roadway snow and ice control strategies are being revolutionized through the use of RWIS (Road Weather Information System) technology and anti-icing techniques. Training is key to the successful integration of these new tools into a winter maintenance program.

The AI/RWIS Computer Based Training (CBT) is a self-paced, interactive multimedia CBT that follows sound adult learning principles. The program requires interaction by the student beyond simply moving from one page to the next. Practice and review exercises, fun facts, and links to key word definitions, a glossary, a Knowledge Base and Internet sites add to the experience.

After completing the lessons comprised of core anti-icing and RWIS content, students learn how to put their new knowledge into practice. In the Scenario Room, student battle winter events using tools in a simulated winter maintenance facility. This environment helps students hone winter maintenance decision-making skills.

A suite of administrative tools (available on the second CD-ROM) enables training managers to not only monitor student progress and performance, but also to customize the course content to reflect unique needs and practices.

January 01, 2007
Set of 2 DVDs
Version 2

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