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Financing Stormwater Utilities

Is your agency feeling the financial pinch of compliance with NPDES regulations? Are you looking for a dependable and equitable approach to financing your stormwater management? Find out why and how an estimated 500 communities and regional governments have turned to the utility approach.

Local officials need information and guidelines to make informed decisions about stormwater utility creation. This publication defines stormwater utilities, and their potential for revenue generation is summarized. The most frequently asked questions about revenue generation, legalities, administration, and management are answered, alongside subsequent sections concerning the rationale behind general utility planning, establishing rate structures and estimating user charges.

The APWA recommends this resource to help with preparation for the Certified Stormwater Manager examination. It should not be inferred that questions in the examination are selected from any single reference or set of references or that study from specific references guarantees a passing score on the examination.

Now available as an eBook!

John F. Damico; Lamont W. Curtis, and the 2020 Water Resources Management Committee
June 08, 2020

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