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Ethics for Public Works Professionals & Supervisors Program

These courses are designed for individuals that are interested in exploring ethics; as it applies personally, professionally, in supervision and in management.

The materials provide practical advice on ethics, and emphasize the importance of ethical behavior in personal and professional interactions. They provide real-world examples, as well as advice in dealing with the non-technical aspects of our profession. Sometimes public works professionals are faced with difficult public policy choices that may stretch our ethical boundaries. Leading in the context of our own ethics is challenging enough, but leaders must also manage the ethics of others and discover how to create and maintain an ethical culture.

Public Works leaders must walk the talk, set the tone, hold themselves accountable, and strive to create a culture of openness, democracy, merit, and creativity. Only by exercising the principles of ethical leadership can we meet the challenges of the future and sustain the public's trust in our decisions and stewardship of public resources.  

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