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Habits of Dysfunctional Leaders (Full eLearning Course)

This course has been designed to help individuals identify, manage and avoid dysfunctional leadership habits. Leadership teams can be an organizations greatest strength or its greatest weakness, based on management styles and habits. Dysfunctional leaders have a big impact on an organization; from team productivity to employee morale, leaders are pivotal to team dynamics and productivity. Even great leaders are not great 100% of the time. It is important for leaders to commit to self-awareness, solid relationships and accountability. This course will help leaders identify areas that may need improvement. It will also help employees identify dysfunctional leaders and determine how to successfully work with individuals who employ these behaviors.

Course components include: Video, assessment, job aids, infographic and related articles.

After attending this course, individuals will be better able to:

  • Recognize, discuss and address functional and dysfunctional leadership habits.
  • Show a greater self-awareness of personal leadership habits, and proactively work to improve leadership habits.
  • Explore strategies and techniques that can be employed to improve leadership habits.

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