A photo of an APWA member completing the salary survey

Public Works Compensation Report and Salary Calculator

It’s here! APWA is pleased to introduce our first Public Works Compensation Report and Salary Calculator to bring you the current trends in public works compensation packages. By partnering with Industry Insights, a leader in salary research, we’ve gathered salary and benefit information from more than 2,600 of our member public works professionals in the public sector across the U.S. and Canada. From this survey, you can access the full salary report as well as the online searchable survey calculator. Using the filters YOU choose, such as title, geographical location, or job responsibility, the Compensation Report and the Salary Calculator generate reports customized to YOUR needs.

Check below for the three great options for the Compensation Report and the Salary Calculator, and don’t miss out on the discounted pricing for APWA members.

Compensation Report and Salary Calculator Unlimited Bundle

To help you determine the best salary strategy for your public works department, purchase this bundle and receive the full electronic Compensation Report and unlimited use of the Salary Calculator for one year.

Public Works Compensation Report

The Report is designed to allow agencies and individuals to compare their compensation levels to those of their peers. The compensation data is aggregated into groupings, so agencies and individuals can compare their own data to the results of similar operations or jobs.

Public Works Salary Calculator (Limited Use Packages)

Just want access to the salary calculator? No problem! Order the limited use package that best fits your need. Packages range from 2 uses to 20 uses per year.

For more information concerning the Salary Survey, please contact Patti Clever at pclever@industryinsights.com.