Mary Joyce Ivers, CPFP, PWLF


Mary Joyce Ivers has been involved in public works for over twenty-six years. For the past year, she has served as the Interim Public Works Director for the City of Ventura, California. The Public Works Department oversees $100 million with a team of 87 public works “First Responders” who continue to rebuild the community after one of the largest wildfires in California, the 2017 Thomas Fire. Prior to serving as Interim Public Works Director, she spent seventeen years as the Fleet and Facilities Manager for the City of Ventura. In this position she managed a $10 million operating budget, was responsible for five supervisors and twenty employees, and interacted daily with City departments and the citizens of Ventura. In 2011, Ivers and her team collaboratively developed Fleet and Facilities Business Plans and Service Level Agreements for all the customer departments and looked at providing public works services as a business model. This was the first business plan developed for any of the departments at the City of Ventura.

Ivers has been very involved in the public works operations, particularly fleet and facilities, at both the local and national levels. At the local level, she is a member of the Ventura County APWA chapter and involved in the regional Gold Coast Fleet group, the Central Coast International Facilities Management Association. At the national level she is a current member of the Finance Committee and the Board Liaison to the Young Professionals Committee, a past member of the Strategic Planning Committee, and the former Board Liaison to the Certification Council. Ivers is the current Director-at-Large, Fleet & Facilities Management, and serves as the board liaison to the Fleet Services and Facilities Management Committees. She received APWA’s Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP) designation in 2008 and was recertified in 2013 and 2018. In 2010, she was appointed to the Fleet Services Technical Committee and was appointed Chair in 2012. In 2017, she was honored to be recognized as the Public Fleet Manager of the Year. In 2014 the City of Ventura Public Works Department became the 92nd accredited agency with Ivers as the Accreditation Manager; the agency achieved accreditation with 14 model practices in her Division. Ivers has presented at APWA’s annual PWX on several occasions and has contributed five articles promoting success stories within fleet and facilities operations that have been published in the APWA Reporter.