Laura Kroeger, P.E.

Technical Director, Leadership & Management

As the Engineering Service Manager responsible for Capital Improvement Projects and Stream Management/Maintenance for the Mile High Flood District, Laura Kroeger is responsible for a budget of over $40 million with a full-time team of 20 people. The District utilizes an alternative project delivery approach that is relationship-based to implement its work plan. Kroeger developed the alternative process called Project Partners, which brings together a diverse team of experts at the onset of a project to work collaboratively to achieve project goals successfully. In addition, she is leading a new effort for the District called Fee-In-Lieu Improvements projects for development. Kroeger has worked closely with staff, local municipalities, and the development community to build a win-win scenario for fulfilling master planned improvements on development sites. This, in turn, has allowed the District to influence an additional $40 million in stream enhancements directly.

As chair of APWA’s Leadership & Management Committee, Kroeger has supported the committee in some creative projects, including teaming with the other Technical Committees on developing a public works benchmark tool, designing a leadership framework, and orchestrating the APWA Reporter series “People, the Engine of Public Works.” Her experience on the Certification Council, Credentialing Focus Group, and actively participating in the establishment of the Certified Public Works Professional have provided her with valuable insight to ensure the success of these initiatives and others.