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Public Works Trending Technologies

2020 Public Works Top Trending Technologies

The 2020 Public Works Top Trending Technologies will be announced in the January issue of the APWA Reporter.

2019 Top Five Trending Technologies

APWA has established the Top Five Technologies survey and report as an annual service to members. The term "trending technologies" was selected instead of "emerging technologies" because as technologies are implemented in public works, large cities may start using the technology and then, several years later, medium and then small size cities. Although a technology may not be emerging by the time it reached the small cities, it is still trending. In September 2018, the American Public Works Association conducted a bracket challenge, asking members to name the single most important technology for public works professionals in 2019. Nearly 1,500 APWA members participated in the bracket challenge. The January Reporter includes an article about the Top 5 Technologies.

2019 Top Tech

The Top 5 Technologies will be included in APWA Education such as Click, Listen and Learns, Reporter Articles, and PWX Education Sessions. The Top 5 Technologies also will be included in the PWX Expo. Look for the Top Tech logo on the exhibit floor and educational programming information to help you identify which programs and vendors will address one of the 2019 identified Top 5 Technologies.

Talking Top Tech

In support of APWA's Top Tech initiative, a new webinar series called Talking Top Tech kicked off in June 2018. This series consists of a panel discussion format and focuses on each of the identified top technologies through different lenses such as Public Works, Consultants, Industry, Policy and Legislation, and International. Register for the 2019 programs below:

Watch previously recorded Talking Top Tech panelist discussions by clicking the desired title below, or find them in the APWA Members’ Library and on APWA’s YouTube Channel.



Roving Reporter Education Series

The Roving Reporter Education Series highlights the towns, companies and people advancing technology in the public works industry. The series researches, experiences and records new and innovative technologies that aid and positively influence aspects of public works to give APWA members a personal experience with trending technologies. Watch the Roving Reporter Education Series below and on APWA’s YouTube Channel.

If you have a suggested location for a future episode of Roving Reporter, please email

Episode 1: Autonomous Vehicles

Episode 2: Connected Vehicles

Episode 3: Smart Cities