A Friend To All!
Hero Name
Rafeal Ufret-Ortiz
Pinellas county mosquito control
City & State/Province
Clearwater, FL
Glen-paul Edson

Rafeal Ufret-Ortiz started his career with Pinellas County in Mosquito Control and Vegetation Management in 2002.  He would work his way up to Senior Spray tech working for both Mosquito Control and Vegetation during his 15 years of service.  He was well loved and respected by both his co-workers and supervisors.  He came to work every day with a positive attitude, always smiling and keeping his peers in laughter.  He was well liked by the citizens who he would help, constantly receiving compliments on his knowledge and professionalism.  He was the first to volunteer any time help was needed.  Whether fogging early mornings or filling in for his co-workers who were off.  He was looked up to by the newer spray techs as someone to emulate and great at his profession.  He would act as a mentor to co-workers, helping train them in the job, but also being there for them as a friend.  You could not find a more positive uplifting employee and friend.  Quick with a smile and a joke to brighten your day.  He truly loved working for Pinellas County and helping its citizens.  He will be greatly missed but never forgotten by his work family and friends at Mosquito Control and Vegetation Management. 

Tragically, Rafeal lost his life in the line of duty on November 27th, 2017.