John Beckmann
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John Beckmann
City of West Bend Water Utility
City & State/Province
West Bend, WI
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Jared Shilhanek
John Beckmann was working at the West Bend Water Utility when he lost his life on duty working as a public servant.  John died a tragic death on July 9, 2002 while repairing a fire hydrant in an open trench.  John was working in the open trench cutting a 6 inch watermain when he was fatally injured. 

John was 24 years old at the time of his death.

John is greatly missed but never forgotten.  Through many generous donations, the West Bend Water Utility has built a memorial honoring John.  This memorial, highlighted with a lighted flagpole, is located at the Public Works/Water Utility building and is seen by all who pass by every day.