In memory of Ed Malloy
Hero Name
Edgar "Ed" Malloy
City of Henderson Public Works Department
City & State/Province
Henderson, NV
Edward McGuire

Edgar H. Malloy passed away February 8, 2008 at 62 years of age. Ed was injured in a cooling tower accident on February 7, 2008 and died of his injuries the following day. Ed had worked for the City of Henderson as a Heating and Cooling Technician for over 15 years.  Ed is the first City of Henderson employee to die in the line of duty in the 55 year history. 

Ed was a familiar face around  city hall, often stopping by to visit my secretary and her always full candy dish.  In addition to this he had an uncanny ability to sense when one department or another was about to have a luncheon or potluck, making sure the room was comfortable and often wrangling himself an invite.

Ed was often cantankerous and if you had a complaint about your air conditioning he might have left you with the impression that you were an irritation.   In fact I know he cared deeply about his duty and always went the extra mile to resolve his customer’s complaints. Ed did not seek any recognition of his efforts, he was truly an unsung hero.

Outside of work, Ed volunteered his time on weekends to help friends with projects.  He loved crossword puzzles and cherished his grandchildren.

He was a driven, hardworking and proud man.  We will miss him dearly.