Children's Outreach

Keeping our workforce competitive is the key to ensuring the vitality of the public works industry for the future. This can be done only by preparing our young people for success in this industry from the onset of formal education. The following resources support the work to advance and promote outreach and public awareness of public works for young children in communities in North America.

What is Public Works? Children's Video

In this video, children will learn about water and wastewater, solid waste, traffic and transportation, and construction. The video promotes awareness and understanding of public works in the community, and features people who keep our communities a safe place to live, work and play. Help teach our next generation of children that “public works is everywhere you look!”

PAWS Print

2019 PAWS Print

This 12-page newspaper created for students in grades K–5 contains stories, fun facts, illustrations, activities and much more for students to learn all about public works!

This is a downloadable PDF file that can be read on screen, shown on a classroom smart board, or printed for distribution to students in your community.

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Chipper's Adventures in Public Works Chapter book

This 36-page, fully illustrated book is written at a third-grade level. There is a quiz at the end of the book to test the children's comprehension of the story.

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APWA Mascots

P.W. Paws is APWA's official mascot. He is sometimes joined by Chipper, the star of Chipper's Adventures in Public Works. These mascots can be used to enhance your outreach activities.

 Reserve the inflatable P.W. Paws mascot costume for your event.

 Create your own character stand-up cutout.