APWA Reporter Past Issues


  • 09 2018

  • President's Message, Sep,p.2
  • Technical Committee News, Sep,p.6
  • Lincoln AV shuttle, Sep,p.8
  • Raymore Public Works: Model Agency, Sep,p.11
  • Ventura County Chapter makes a difference with student scholarships, Sep,p.12
  • From the diary of a PWX 2018 speaker, Sep,p.15
  • Washington Insight, Sep,p.17
  • GAC Insight, Sep,p.19
  • Spotlight on Canada, Sep,p.21
  • Media Insight, Sep,p.28
  • Imagination to Innovation, Sep,p.31
  • Open Your Winter Toolbox, Sep,p.32
  • Leading from the Frontlines, Sep,p.38
  • International Idea Exchange, Sep,p.40
  • Setting up your fleet software, Sep,p.44
  • Efficiency can boost productivity and morale, Sep,p.46
  • Managing public sector vehicles with technology, Sep,p.49
  • Usage vs. Utilization, Sep,p.52
  • Select the right fleet management system for your department, Sep,p.54
  • Got Ethics?, Sep,p.56
  • Revisiting the economic theory of vehicle replacement, Sep,p.58