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Spotlight On Solid Waste

Concurrent Jam Sessions

Food – Don’t Waste a Good Resource
Speaker: Joe Giudice

Zero Waste – Can it really be done? Practical applications as told by former public sector leaders who have been in your shoes.
Speakers: John Carlton, Jim McKay

Sustainability on Steroids
Speaker: Michael Rhodes 

Developing Financially Sustainable Organic Recovery Systems
Speaker: Karen Luken

Disaster Debris - Cleaning Up After an Event
Speaker: Christopher Torres

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Small Cities/Rural Communities Perspective On Solid Waste

Small towns and rural communities may have less waste but that does not mean less work. Fewer staff, resources and vendor options create unique obstacles for smaller town solid waste managers. This panel will discuss new challenges related to curbside pickup, recycling, and regulations.

Social Media for Public Works

Social media is ever-changing, and with the constant flow of new technologies, algorithms, and marketing strategies, it can be hard to keep up. Whether you’re still figuring out if social media is right for your organization, or you’re looking to widen your existing audience, this session is for you. Join us as we cover social media basics and techniques for growing your organization’s online presence. Diving into the top five (5) social media platforms, we’ll share tactics for running your accounts successfully, ways to market to your audience (old and new), tools that can help you stay organized, and more. We encourage you to come with questions, as the goal of this session is to leave you feeling confident and ready to achieve your businesses’ social media goals!

Third Thursday Advocacy Jam: March

Legislative debate over government funding levels will be unfolding in both the US and Canada this spring, with the President’s Budget Request for Fiscal Year 2022 (FY 2022) typically released in February in the US, and the Government of Canada releasing Budget 2021. Please join APWA’s US and Canadian Government Affairs staff for an update and open-ended discussion of the appropriations process and priorities for public works and infrastructure. Additionally, there will be an examination of the state of recycling policy and its impact on public works, including the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Recycling Plan, composting infrastructure, and other issues in both the US and Canada. We look forward to hearing your thoughts – join the conversation!

Congressional Staff Brief

You're invited to participate in an APWA brief with Congressional staff! Join APWA Government Affairs to hear from a panel of Congressional staff about how to best advocate for public works and infrastructure to Congress. The panel will consist of four U.S. Congress staff members whose work directly impacts public works and infrastructure policy, and workforce development, and with whom APWA's Government Affairs team works directly in advocating for APWA's Public Policy Priorities.

On Demand eLearning Opportunities

Principles of Solid Waste Management

This session is designed for individuals that are interested in exploring Solid Waste management, as it applies for those entering the public works industry and those who want to further their professional development. This session explains solid waste collection and disposal and dives into the concepts behind reduce, reuse, and recycle. This session will also pinpoint best practices and emerging trends relating to solid waste management. It provides real-world examples, as well as a discussion guide to keep the conversation going with your peers after the conclusion of the session.

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Resource Center Highlights

Members can access recordings of Click, Listen, & Learn programs, content from past conferences, and specific e-books and publications on demand 24/7 through the Resource Center. We'll feature three to four exciting programs related to the month's highlighted technical area.

CLL: Illegal Dumping: Fund It, Report It, Clean It.
Illegal dumping is more than an eyesore. It's a detriment to our communities. It raises significant concerns regarding public health, safety, property values, and quality of life. Learn to combat the negative effects of illegal dumping through proper funding, education and a solid logistics plan. Illegal Dumping: Find it, report it, clean it covers innovative methods for tackling blight and illegal dumping to help public works professionals keep their communities clean, safe and sustainable.

International Perspective Presentation: Excellence in Solid Waste Management
This session will include presentations from Norway and Australia about 21st Century solid waste management technologies, practices, and advancements.

Resiliency in Solid Waste During Natural Disasters
Industry experts who have managed debris following a variety of natural disasters including hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, and flooding, provide key takeaways. The first hour will focus on how local governments plan for and coordinate solid waste activities during disasters. The second hour will look at emergency debris management and what needs to occur for optimal recovery and FEMA reimbursement.

Trending Technologies/Roving Reporter

Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest #trendingtech in public works? You're in luck! APWA is highlighting a new trending technology by way of our Talking Top Tech webinars, Roving Reporter Education Series, and new resources and programs. You can even share your own Roving Reporter videos on social media using #APWARovingReporter.

Waste to Resource Technology Talking Top Tech
Join us for a look at Waste to Resource Technology through the perspective of different lenses such as Public Works, Consultants, Industry, and International. Leaders in each field participated in a panel discussion and answered APWA member questions.

Career Development/Workforce


If You Cannot Hire the Most Experienced, Grow Them! The City of Phoenix SWEO Apprenticeship Program
Over the last few years, the City of Phoenix Public Works Department experienced a perfect storm of events that impacted the ability to attract and retain highly qualified solid waste equipment operators (SWEO). Pension reform, a high number of retirements, and pay concessions resulted in a high turn-over rate. Out of challenging circumstances comes the opportunity for innovation. The SWEO Apprenticeship program trains new recruits from the ground up. The two-year program helps apprentices obtain their commercial driver's licenses (CDL), learn all aspects of a solid waste operation, and become a qualified SWEO. By working to bring in and train a diverse workforce, Phoenix is not only molding future organizational leaders, but providing jobs to underserved and underrepresented populations.

Day-in-the-Life Video: Solid Waste Equipment Operators
A day in the lives of Phoenix's solid waste equipment operators. This video summarizes what happens in a typical workday for Phoenix's solid waste drivers. It takes the viewer from the wee hours of the morning, to actual residential collection, to sorting of recyclables and hauling of trash to the landfill.

Between Two Cans
When the pandemic prevented our community-outreach staff from engaging with residents personally, they took it their educational efforts digitally. The result was a video series called Between Two Cans, a video that exemplifies Phoenix's Zero Waste team and their daily interactions with the community. Using social media to gather recycling/waste diversion questions, team members answer these questions through this video series which is then broadcasted in social media and other communication methods.


The CPWP-S and CPWP-M credentials were developed by public works professionals to showcase the unique knowledge and abilities needed to lead within public works. The Certified Public Works Professional credentials are based on 9 domains key to public works leadership. These are budget and finance, asset management, procurement and contract administration, communication, human resource management, administration, project management, emergency management and overall public works knowledge. Pursuing a credential is a great way to promote professionalism within your agency and develop career pathways for your leadership teams.

CPWPS logo

Certified Public Works Professional-Supervision (CPWP-S)
For public works supervisors, crew leaders and frontline employees ready for supervisory positions.

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Certified Public Works Professional-Management (CPWP-M)
For public works managers, superintendents, and supervisors ready for management positions.

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Solid Waste Management Resources

Sustainable Solid Waste Management Blog Post
Phoenix, Arizona has quickly become a leader in solid waste management due to their innovative approach.  Members of the APWA Solid Waste Management Committee had the opportunity to visit the Phoenix, Arizona 27th Street Transfer Station where they witnessed an operation that has become a leader in sustainability.  Waste to resource, a circular economy concept, is the approach Phoenix has truly embraced and implemented with waste management, and the approach is clearly seen within their waste management facilities.

Solid Waste Management: New Director’s Guide

March APWA Reporter Articles

Publication Highlights

Responsible Solid Waste Management
This booklet will help you educate both the general public and elected officials about the basics of responsible solid waste management.

Did you know that Americans typically generate an average of 4-5 pounds of solid waste every day? Do you know the subcategories that make up municipal solid waste? How many landfills are in the United States? If you're a solid waste professional you probably know these answers and many more, but what about your constituency?

With colorful infographics and easy-to-grasp explanations, readers will come away with an understanding of solid waste management from beginning to end.

Now available as an eBook on Kindle, Apple and Google devices.

Bulk pricing also available on the printed booklet.

Committee News

APWA Committees are the backbone of our education program. You'll be the first to see committee chair videos, trending committee hashtags for social media, InfoNOW Communities, knowledge team and subcommittee opportunities, and more!

The Solid Waste Management Committee serves its members by supporting APWA's role as the recognized leader in public works by providing its members with the resources for exchanging and developing ideas, information, skills, knowledge, and technologies for the operation, management, and maintenance of solid waste facilities.

#APWASolidWaste is the hashtag used by the Solid Waste Management Committee.