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Spotlight On UPROW

PWX@Home works around your busy lifestyle. You can choose one afternoon per month to set aside and embrace an all-new virtual learning experience. The second Tuesday of each month from August through July, APWA will unveil education in 12 key public works focus areas. The series features sessions on relevant topics—most of which were selected for PWX 2020 in varying formats to maximize learning and engagement.

August 11, 2020
1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT

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Preventing Damage to Utilities: Data-Informed Strategies for Working with Excavators and Locators to Protect Utility Integrity

1:10 - 2:10 PM CT

Speaker: Khrysanne Kerr

Preventing costly and inconvenient damages to buried utilities is a challenge for public works operators, especially because it requires coordination between a variety of third parties including excavators and utility line locators. Focus groups with excavators and locators have revealed a variety of tactics that facility owners can employ to partner more deeply and realistically with these groups who are so critical to maintaining the integrity of buried utilities. Common Ground Alliance, the national non-profit leader for utility damage prevention, will share the data from recent quantitative and qualitative research with these two stakeholder groups, as well as public works-specific data trends from its most recent national Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) Report, to provide actionable strategies that public works operators can employ to achieve better outcomes when digging activity occurs on or around their facilities.

Surfing the 5G/Small Cell Tsunami: Managing the Millions of New Cell Towers and MAKING MILLIONS from Them!

2:20 - 3:20 PM CT

Speakers: Dave Zelenok, George Wentz

Over the next 7 years, the telecommunications companies will be needing nearly 1 Million cell towers to meet the 5G demand. In addition to new small cell towers, they will need fiber optic and antenna upgrades on all of the 320,000 existing ones. To put that number in perspective, a typical city will soon have nearly TWICE the number of cell towers as they have streetlights–more than one tower per city block. Worse yet, each new tower will require at least 2 street cuts, causing an unprecedented impact of millions of street cuts, and associated traffic congestion, potholes, and massive disruption to our national infrastructure. The news isn’t all bad though. In response, many cities are adopting innovative strategies to not only manage this “tsunami”, but actually partnering with the telecommunications companies, municipalizing, and re-purposing their street lights, and charging as much as $3,000 for each of the hundreds of new towers, creating millions in new sources of revenue. Other cities have been even more visionary. They are “flipping” their annual streetlight systems from “must pays” (liabilities) to “cash cows”, or revenue streams. Learn how your public works agency can manage the oncoming tsunami of 5G/Small Cell deployments in your community and negotiate win-win outcomes that benefit carriers while addressing key community concerns, such as aesthetics and public safety.

Jam Session: 5G/Small Cell

3:30 - 4:20 PM CT

Speakers: Padriac Corcoran, John Cooper, Ken Demlow, Sean Garcia, Alicia Turner, Monty Zimmerman

The demand for faster and more reliable communications is essential for rural and urban communities worldwide. But are you keeping up with the latest federal guidelines, legislation at all levels of government (including funding), and technological innovations driving this industry? How is this affecting your ability to manage the rights-of-way? Join this session for an update on the current issues related to 5G, small cell and broadband expansion and to ask questions of some experts in this field. This session is sponsored by the Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way (UPROW) Committee.

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UPROW Happy Hour

August 11, 2020
4:45 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. CT

After the Spotlight On UPROW concludes, join us for the UPROW Happy Hour to network with the series speakers, APWA leadership, and UPROW committee members. The UPROW Happy Hour will begin following the Spotlight On UPROW program at 4:45pm CT. No need to register for this program. Call in instructions will be included in the monthly program communication sent the first business day of each month and promoted throughout the Spotlight On UPROW live program.

Third Thursday Advocacy Jam!

As stewards of our public infrastructure, public works professionals ensure public right-of-way is well managed in accordance with local, state/provincial, and federal laws. Please join the APWA Government Affairs team and volunteer leaders from the U.S. and Canada for an interactive discussion on the future of public right-of-way. To best advocate for the priorities of our members in this area, we want to hear from you about new technologies, your experience with access and reliability, unique challenges facing your community and innovative approaches that can inform and assist managers, users, contractors, and elected officials. We look forward to hearing your stories – join the conversation!

Thursday, August 20, 2020
2:30-3:30 PM CT (3:30-4:30 PM ET)

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SC/RC Perspective On UPROW

Maintaining Utilities and Managing Rights-of-Ways in Small Cities / Rural Communities

While small cities and rural communities face the same challenges as larger and urban communities such as right-of-way management and utility coordination, small cell and 5G also affect small cities and rural communities.  Join this panel discussion to learn more about how utilities and public rights-of-way are managed in small cities and rural communities.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Noon-1:00 PM CT (1:00-2:00 PM ET)

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On Demand eLearning Opportunities

On demand eLearning opportunities include pre-recorded webinars, self-paced eCourses, live online workshops, and certificate programs.

Principles of Public Works Operations: Right-of-Way Management

This session is designed for individuals that are interested in exploring Right-of-Way Management, as it applies for those entering the public works industry and those who want to further their professional development. This session provides practical advice on how to best maintain municipal streets and dives into best practices and emerging trends relating to right-of-way management. It provides real-world examples, as well as a discussion guide to keep the conversation going with your peers after the conclusion of the course.

Learning Objectives:
  • Advise how to maintain municipal streets
  • Discuss best practices in right-of-way management
  • Identify emerging trends in right-of-way management

This course aligns with the following APWA programs:
PW Institutes Unit: Unit 10 – Overview of Public Works Operations
Accreditation Practices: Chapter 16 – Public Works Management Practices Manual, 10th ed

Course discounts are available when purchasing for groups and for the entire series. The course will be available for purchase in August in the APWA Store.

Members' Library Highlights

Members can access recordings of Click, Listen, & Learn programs, content from past conferences, and specific e-books and publications on demand 24/7 through the Members' Library. We'll feature three exciting programs related to the month's highlighted technical area.

Abandoned Utilities: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

  • Abandoned utilities take up a great deal of the limited supply of the right-of-way. At a time when agencies are trying to fit more utilities in less space, can we afford to have that space used by unnecessary installations? Learn how other agencies are handling abandoned utilities and how they are keeping track of what’s hidden underfoot.

Got Right of Way? UPROW Can Help

  • Learn how to identify utilities and rights-of-way issues in your community, about the APWA Utilities and Rights-of-Way (UPROW) Committee, and how to educate your APWA Chapter on UPROW and utilities issues.

Small Cell - A Municipal Perspective

  • This program will dive into the key elements of small cell legislation and the FCC Order, identify areas of concern and discuss recommendations for protecting municipal regulatory authority. We will also provide guidance on preparations and permitting for small cell deployment.

Trending Technologies/Roving Reporter

Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest #trendingtech in public works? You're in luck! APWA is highlighting a new trending technology by way of our Talking Top Tech webinars, Roving Reporter Education Series, and new resources and programs. You can even share your own Roving Reporter videos on social media using #APWARovingReporter.

Talking Top Tech: Augmented Reality Edition

Career Development/Workforce

Day-in-the-Life Video Contest

You know why you love your job, so help us spread the word! We're looking to spotlight the vast career possibilities for all technical areas. Grab your phone and get creative with a video of a day-in-the-life of your public works job. Send us your video for a chance to be highlighted in our Public Works Operations Series, and for a chance to win.

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Workforce Development Policy 101

Join APWA’s Government Affairs staff for a live webinar on workforce development policy and public works! Topics will include an overview of APWA’s workforce development policy priorities, updates on current legislation in this area, and the Government Affairs Committee’s work on this important issue. Time will be left at the end of the presentation for questions.

The event will take place August 18 at 2:00 pm CT (3:00pm ET). Please RSVP to Michael Altman at maltman@apwa.net to receive a link to the webinar. A recording will also be made available after the webinar concludes.


Though workforce challenges are universal, many agencies are creating solutions. We will scour APWA resources for tools to address these challenges and highlight them with their associated technical area.

Updates and resources will be provided on the work of APWA’s Government Affairs advocacy efforts in the area of workforce development policy. These may take the form of documents, presentations, or live webinars/panels.

Effective Utility Management: Your Path to Sustainability

  • Effective Utility Management (EUM) is a widely recognized water utility management program, developed by sector leaders, based around Ten Key Management Areas of an Effectively Managed Utility and Five Keys to Management Success. EUM is simple, actionable, and affordable – it helps you protect your infrastructure investments and ensure that your workforce is able to address the challenges that they face every day.


APWA Certifications are an outstanding accomplishment. These credentials are an acknowledgment of the unique skills of public works professionals, by public works professionals. So join us in recognizing your peers who have achieved the CPII, CPWP-S, CPFP, CSM, CPWP-M credentials.

Exhibitor Showcase

We're bringing the exhibit experience directly to you with a virtual exhibit floor and popular New Product Showcase! Watch demonstration tutorials, tour the virtual exhibit floor to discover new technology and products designed to make your job easier, and set up appointments with participating companies to get more information, all from the comfort of your own chair. Be sure to vote for the Best New Product before August 30th and check in for exhibitor prize drawings and new educational programming.


Resource and product highlights will feature toolboxes, blog posts, APWA Reporter articles, PW Self-Assessment Toolboxes, and more—all corresponding to that month's technical area.

The Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way Committee has created the following resources for members:

Managing Utility Cuts Toolbox

  • UPROW performed a review of the publication entitled Managing Utility Cuts (1997) and decided to remove the document from the APWA Store. While the document contains a wealth of information, there is more relevant and current guidance available online. Links to this information are provided in this toolbox.

When Fiber Comes to Town Toolbox

  • The American Public Works Association Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way (UPROW) Technical Committee has prepared, with the expectation that others can benefit from the information, this summary of suggestions from communities having experienced rapid fiber deployment. We hope these points help your agency be better prepared to successfully manage your rights-of-way when rapid fiber deployment comes to town.

Small Cell Permitting – A Municipal Perspective: Part I

  • A Municipal Perspective: Part I - With the increasing usage of wireless devices and data, municipalities are facing increased demand for reliable wireless service and 5G technology is eager to meet that need. Small cell infrastructure is in the early stages of deployment across the nation to support this wireless network. It’s important to understand the impact of state legislation on a municipality’s ability to manage the right-of-way.

Uniform Color Code

  • This marking guide provides for universal use and understanding of the temporary marking of subsurface facilities to prevent accidents and damage or service interruption by contractors, excavators, utility companies, municipalities or any others working on or near underground facilitates.

PW Self-Assessment: UPROW Toolbox

  • This Toolbox series is your introduction to APWA’s PW Self-Assessment. Each month a new topic will be highlighted through self-assessment checklists, model practices from APWA Accredited Agencies, and educational resources. This is a great resource to share with your agency and departments. These monthly resources will provide you the opportunity to take your first step toward PW Self-Assessment.

Publication Highlights


 Excavation in the Right of Way This book reviews the need for coordinating and regulating activities within the public right-of-way and discusses recommended guidelines for establishing the need for implementation mechanisms.


 Why Manage the Public Right-of-Way — This informative booklet outlines the issues surrounding coordination of current and future use of rights-of-way.


 Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (2019) — This valuable pocket-sized handbook has become the leading source of information for traffic control in low-speed/short-duration work areas.

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Committee News

APWA Committees are the backbone of our education program. You'll be the first to see committee chair videos, trending committee hashtags for social media, InfoNOW Communities, knowledge team and subcommittee opportunities, and more!

The APWA Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way (UPROW) Committee is one of APWA's most active Technical Committees. The UPROW Committee is actively identifying new resources, state-of-the art technology, and innovative approaches to assist public works officials, managers, users, consultants, contractors, and elected officials. Hot UPROW topics in the past year have been 5G and Small Cell and what they mean for agencies in managing their rights-of-way.  

If you are interested in matters related to utilities and rights-of-way, you may want to consider joining the UPROW Knowledge Team.

#APWAUPROW is the hashtag used by the Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way Committee.