Council of Chapters

The Council of Chapters is comprised of one delegate from each of the 63 APWA chapters. Members of the council serve APWA as advisors to the board of directors, executive director, technical committees, and staff in support of the mission of APWA in accordance with the association's bylaws and parliamentary procedures. Delegates also act as a conduit in sharing the opinions and ideas of their chapters and serving as points of contact at the local (chapter and branch), regional, and national levels for the dissemination of information to and from members.

The mission of the Council of Chapters is to increase the effectiveness of the association by:

  • Advising the board of directors, the executive director, staff, and chapters on goals, strategies, and issues that are referred to the Council
  • Supporting the APWA Strategic Plan and influencing changes for the betterment of the association
  • Supporting chapter-to-chapter mentoring and development of best practices to strengthen the services delivered in each chapter
  • Communicating member issues among the local, regional and national levels
  • Identifying dedicated members for active participation within the association

The full council meets twice a year, with one of those meetings being held during PWX. Council members also meet by means of committee conference calls, which are scheduled throughout the year.

Each chapter's executive committee, through the process outlined in its bylaws, shall either elect or designate the delegate and determine the length of term of service.

The Council of Chapters is governed by a steering committee consisting of one member from each of the nine APWA regions, who are selected by delegates from those regions. Each member of the steering committee serves a three-year term and may be reappointed by their regional delegates for a maximum of two terms.

For more information on the Council of Chapters contact Jill Wilbeck, APWA staff liaison, at

If you'd like to submit a new idea or project that you think the Council of Chapters should consider, please click here to send your Council of Chapter NEW Idea. The Council of Chapters Steering Committee will review all submissions during their monthly meetings.

To find a delegate for a specific chapter, click on a region in the map below (or click the applicable link below the map). Then a list of all chapter delegates within that region will be displayed.

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Region VIII
California Central Coast , Delegate
Ms. Diana Estorga
Full contact info

County of Santa Barbara
Program Business Leader

Central California , Delegate
Mr. Karl E. Kienow
Full contact info

Blair, Church & Flynn Consult Engrs

Hawaii , Delegate
Mr. John Lamer, PE
Full contact info

City & County of Honolulu - DDC
Civil Engineer

Monterey Bay , Delegate
Mr. Jorge A. Aguilar
Full contact info

Wallace Group

Nevada , Delegate
Mr. Darren L. Schulz, PE
Full contact info

City of Carson City
Public Works Director

Northern California , Delegate
Mrs. April M. Miller
Full contact info

City of San Rafael
Public Works Director

Sacramento , Delegate
Mr. Johnathan J. Wright
Full contact info

Crawford & Associates Inc
Project Engineer

San Diego/Imperial Counties , Delegate
Mr. Ed Walton
Full contact info

Rick Engieering Company
Senior Project Manager

Silicon Valley , Delegate
Mr. Afshin Oskoui, PE, PWLF
Full contact info

City of Belmont
City Manager

Southern California , Delegate
Mr. Patrick L. Somerville, PE
Full contact info

Mark Thomas
Division Manager

Ventura , Delegate
Mr. Ken Matsuoka, PE
Full contact info

City of Camarillo
Deputy Director PW Envir


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