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Emerging Leaders Academy: Class of 2020


Chris Martinson
City of Saint Paul

Clayton Engelman
City of Lincoln

Jacqueline Thompson
Bolton & Menk, Inc.

Jason Stawski
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District

Jue Zhao
City of Salem

Karen Adams
Town of Colchester

Laura Yanez
City of Santa Barbara

Lee Ann Luhrs
City of Margate

Michelle LaRocco
Georgetown County

Rocky Henkel
City of Broken Arrow

Scott Threewitt
Village of Plainfield

Sharon Lumbreras
T.Y. Lin International

Steve Nelson
City of Olathe

Terry Brice
City of Santa Clarita

Wei Zhu
Orange County Public Works

Zachary Blodgett
Montpelier Department of Public Works

Class Project Final Report

Developing a Culture of Leadership