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CSM: Applying for Eligibility

To demonstrate eligibility, candidates must submit an application documenting the completion of one of the following education and work experience pathways:

  • High school graduation or equivalent and 7 years of relevant work experience*
  • Associate's degree or equivalent trade school certificate and 5 years experience*
  • Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of relevant work experience*
  • Master's degree and 2 years of relevant work experience*
  • Doctoral degree and 1 year of relevant work experience*
*Relevant work experience is that performed within or for a public entity in one or more aspects of stormwater management as defined in the CSM target audience description and illustrated in the CSM Content Outline.

Eligibility Application Fee:

APWA Members $195 USD
Nonmembers $245 USD

Eligibility Application Form

Complete the Eligibility Application fillable form.  Save it. Then either print and mail with payment (to address noted on form), or email the digital version you saved (to email address noted on form).  NOTE: This form utilizes a tool for electronic signatures. If you do not have a digital signature file set up or have forgotten the password for your digital signature file, you can select the "new ID" option, then click on "A new digital ID I want to create now" and on next screen select "New PKCS#12 digital ID file," then fill in the applicable fields (can skip organization unit and organization name if desired) and click "set up."

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