What's Next


Depending on the award you received please see the timeline provided below.

Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year

If selected for the award you will be contacted by the APWA President by phone to notify you of the honor. Once the president makes the calls then an email is sent from staff, containing important information and links. These links include your plaque form, where you fill out how you want your name on the plaque, your designated representative form which is any person you choose to assist you with the ceremony but most important this person receives the plaque to ensure it gets to the on-site presentation location. There will be a link to a form to fill out giving us details of the ceremony planned so we can coordinate with a board member or appointee of the board to be at the ceremony to present you with the award. Not only are the Top Ten Public Works Leaders Leaders recognized locally during National Public Works Week and nationally by participating in a NPWW video with the APWA President. They are recognized at the awards ceremony at PWX (Public Works Expo) highlighted in the May issue of the Reporter

Public Works Project of the Year

When a project has won the agency, contractor and consultant will be included on the same notification email. Only these three organizations receive a complimentary award and are recognized at the Awards Ceremony. The email will contain important links to the plaque form, which you will write how you want your organizations name on the plaque. The awards ceremony participation form lets us know who from your organization will be attending. You must fill this form out even if it is just to tell us no one is coming.

All other Awards

If selected for an award you will be sent an email containing links to fill out a plaque form and awards ceremony participation form. Please pay close attention to the deadline dates for each form. 

Other Information

Please read all the information sent to you as an award recipient. Once the plaque forms have been turned in (they are ordered as a group so it is imperative you don't make others wait send in your plaque form) it takes about 4 weeks to create and ship to the award winner. Please do not bring this award to the awards ceremony, we will have awards for the photo.  Those attending the PWX Awards Recognition will receive an email about 3 weeks before the ceremony containing information about what to do where to go, a FAQ, etc. Through out this entire process please feel free to contact Rhonda Wilhite, Awards and Chapter Relations Associate at rwilhite@apwa.net or 800-848-2492 for any questions you might have.