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Digital Advertisements

Website Banner Ads

Banner advertising on APWA and CPWA websites is a great way to keep your name in front of the thousands of public works professionals who access our site each day. Contact Fox Associates at (312) 644-3888, for more information, or to place a banner ad.

Place your banner ad on APWA and CPWA’s site rotation, which includes:
  • Rotation on home page and nine primary navigation pages
  • Banner ads are clickable (if you provide us with a hyperlink). Each banner advertisement will hyperlink to the advertiser’s designated home page or website of choice, which will be presented in a new window
  • Average monthly page views: 112,600
  • Average monthly visits:  39,000
  • Average monthly unique visitors: 226,600
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SAMPLE 'In the Works' e-newsletter

"In the Works" Weekly E-newsletter

Skyscraper ads are available in "In the Works," our e-newsletter that is distributed to 65,000 public works professionals each week.  Up to three ad spaces are available on the right-hand column of the email. Ads are clickable, with each hyperlinking to the advertiser's designated URL, and will be presented in a new browser window.

Deliverability:  "in the Works" delivers a smashing 30% open rate weekly!

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SAMPLE WorkZone homepage ad

APWA WorkZone Homepage Ads

The APWA WorkZone website covers jobs in the United States and Canada and averages over 117,000 pageviews per month (more than 1.4 million each year).  There are several types of advertisements in the APWA WorkZone including:
  • job posting ads
  • internship ads
  • featured employer ads
  • homepage ads

To place an APWA WorkZone ad, contact Fox Associates (312-644-3888 or or select "Homepage Ad" on the Packages and Pricing Information page.

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Public Works Buyer's Guide (online version)

The online Public Works Buyer's Guide provides a method for getting your message showcased in front of dedicated professionals involved in public works. The online Buyer's Guide incorporates extensive reporting, giving you the ability to easily quantify and track your ROI! Listings are indexed up to 100 pages deep weekly, meaning buyers are instantly connected to your products and services.  Contact Fox Associates at 800-400-0231 or by email at to get started.  More information is also available in the Media Planner.

A print Buyer's Guide is published with the April issue of the Reporter magazine. The Media Kit has more information about advertising in that publication. 

APWA reserves the right to refuse any ad or link that conflicts with APWA priorities and/or projects.