APWA Reporter Past Issues


  • 01 2019

  • President's Message, Jan,p.2
  • Technology in 2019: The Five Key Trends in Public Works, Jan,p.6
  • Technical Committee News, Jan,p.12
  • We need you! Share your expertise by joining a national committee, Jan,p.14
  • CPWA leaders visit Ottawa for advocacy meetings, Jan,p.17
  • Where do agencies view themselves on the asset management journey?, Jan,p.20
  • Count me in, Jan,p.23
  • Index to 2018 articles, Jan,p.25
  • In & Around APWA, Jan,p.32
  • Washington Insight, Jan,p.34
  • GAC Insight, Jan,p.36
  • Spotlight on Canada, Jan,p.38
  • Media Insight, Jan,p.49
  • Open Your Winter Toolbox, Jan,p.50
  • PW Tech Management: Leadership in New Technology, Jan,p.52
  • First Responder Partnerships: This means you, Jan,p.56
  • BC Forest Fires: Technology, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery, Jan,p.60
  • Will it plow? Utah Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement in action!, Jan,p.62
  • Service and dedication: an interview with the Military Liaison to the FEMA Administrator, Jan,p.66
  • Responding to climate variability: a first responder's quick guide to climate adaptation planning, Jan,p.69
  • FirstNet committed to helping restore communities, Jan,p.71
  • Emergency management-related resources for public works, Jan,p.74
  • Enhancing the nation's resilience against space weather storms, Jan,p.76
  • Tackling Climate Change: Using resilience planning to thrive, Jan,p.78
  • There's light at the end of the tunnel, Jan,p.81