Tweeting Your Own Horn

“Here we go again,” you say. “All that social media stuff. Don’t have time to get my job done now without signing up to be everybody’s “friend”, tweeting with twits about everything I do on my job, or staying “linked in” to everyone’s career.

If that’s how you see social media, boy, will this call open your eyes to a totally different use for the technology. One that will provide greater insight into the many and varied uses of these technologies and others to help you address the needs of your citizens, improved the data-gathering potential for your own departmental needs, and crack open the door to “real time” happenings in your community.

The speakers for this presentation are fervent about the positive uses for the technology. Their experience in the wireless area is huge and will provide lots of value to the time you spend on this free call.

Dan Hartman, Public Works Director, Golden, CO
Quint Pertsch, GIS Coordinator, Golden, CO
Sylvia Hernandez, Information Systems Coordinator, Arlington, TX

Reference Materials from City of Arlington, TX:
City's website
City's Public Works page
City's Facebook page
City's Green Team Facebook page
City's Library page
City's Community Information Service page
City's YouTube page

MP3 Download  (approximately 90 minutes of content)

originally released January 27, 2011