Managing Up!

"Things need to change around here and the only one who doesn't see it is the Boss." Ever wonder how the Boss got to be the Boss when he/she never leaves their office and has no idea what's happening on the job? With the recent early retirements from long-time managers, are you finding the new replacement doesn't know how to "manage"?

This program is designed just for you! The speakers will share their insights on how to manage the boss to lead the department or just to make things happen appropriately at any level of the organization.

John Ostrowski, Retired Public Works Director; Consultant, JOMC, Vancouver, WA
Vitaly (Vit) Troyan, Interim City Engineer, Oakland, CA
Patty Hilderbrand, Program Manager and Development Director, Kansas City, MO


MP3 Download  (74 MB file, approximately 90 minutes of content)

originally released October 22, 2009