How I Got My Public Works Job

"When I grow up I want to be a Public Works Director or a City Engineer or the Director of Parks and Recreation.” Few children, or even young adults, have this as their career goal. More often than not, public works employees come to public service from another career path. Or maybe they begin their career in one area and at one level and discover they have skills or leadership abilities that lead them in another direction once they begin working in public works. After all, what other career has as so many varied, technical, and quality-of-life positions to offer.

Cindy Best, Administrative Services Manager, Palm Bay, FL
Donna Hancock-Sullivan, Senior Civil Engineer, Tempe, AZ
Jason Calbert, Assistant Administrator, Street Division,, Newport News, VA
Donna Jessup, Operations Supervisor, Streets, Traffic, Motor Vehicles, and Parks, Lancaster, PA
Greg Simmons, Stormwater Manager, Fort Worth, TX


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originally released February 25, 2010