Right or Wrong - Ethics in Public Works

Webster's dictionary defines Ethics as "The principles of conduct governing an individual or group; a guiding philosophy of a profession." While most agencies have an established Code of Ethics or Conduct and employees are expected to abide by it, frequently we assume this only applies to elected officials or involves only taking monetary bribes. Really big and obvious infringements. Public Works employees are faced with ethical dilemmas as well. What is your agency doing to provide ongoing training and education to your staff? Is it OK to accept tickets to the football game from the chemical supplier? How about lunch from an engineering firm who hopes to do business with your department or may even already be doing business? Surely this doesn't involve baseball gaps and ballpoint pens, does it?

The speakers for this session share insight into how public works employees may be placed in situations that require them to make ethical choices or how the choices they may be making are really ethical ones but they may not be aware of the importance of their decision.

Doug Brown, Public Works Director, Overland Park, KS
Steve Horton, City Manager, Covington, GA
Dave Frazier, Vice President, Merrick and Company, Aurora, CO
Alan Briley, City Administrator, Elephant Butte, NM


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originally released May 28, 2009