Dealing with Difficult Employees

Every agency or company has at least one. He’s the one who’s late three days a week. She’s the one who keeps everyone stirred up about the unfair treatment she’s being given but every week it’s a new cause or issue. The Employee Handbook tells the employee what is acceptable behavior and what the enforcement may be for those who violate the personnel policies. Your role as a Supervisor is to determine how best to address the issue with the individual while being certain everyone’s rights, including the rest of the employees in the working unit, are protected. How will you handle the issue?

The presenters for this session share their experiences and discuss acceptable methods to use in dealing with the employee who doesn’t follow the rules.

Bill Sterling, Sterling and Associates, Greeley, CO
Mariana Llanso, General Manager III, Hillsborough County, FL
Richard Baier, Public Works Director, Alexandria, VA

Reading List:
“I Quit, But I Forgot to Tell You” written by Terri Kabsachnick
“Three Signs of a Miserable Job” written by Patrick Leniconi
“A Survival Guide to Managing Employees from Hell” written by Gini Graham Scott
“Managing Government Employees” – Stewart Liff


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originally released February 26, 2009