Community Outreach

APWA’s educational initiative supports two of APWA’s key strategic initiatives: “to create a series of awareness programs in various specific areas – promote outreach and public awareness to build identity, public awareness/support, broaden global perspective, and attract new members and affiliates. Explore a broader awareness and branding campaign for the APWA and for public works.”

Making our workforce the most competitive will be the key to ensuring the vitality of the public works industry for the future. This can only be done by preparing our young people for success in this industry from the onset of formal education. The K-12 APWA educational initiative supports the work to advance and promote outreach and public awareness of public works for school aged children in communities in North America.
2019 PAWS Print

What is Public Works? Children’s Video Now Available!

APWA is excited to introduce What Is Public Works? for children. In this video, children will learn about water and wastewater, solid waste, traffic and transportation, and construction. The video promotes awareness and understanding of public works in the community, and features people who keep our communities a safe place to live, work and play. Help teach our next generation of children that “public works is everywhere you look!”

REMEMBER – It all starts with YOU! Make the connection by sharing and teaching children what public works is all about!

How to download the video

Right-click on the desired video link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". When the Save As window appears select the location you wish to store the file and select Save. The download times will vary based on your current internet connection.

Apple/Macintosh users use Control+click in place of right-click.
2019 PAWS Print

2019 PAWS Print

This 12-page newspaper created for students in grades K–5 contains stories, fun facts, illustrations, activities and much more for students to learn all about public works!

This is a downloadable PDF file that can be read on screen, shown on a classroom smart board, or printed for distribution to students in your community.

PAWS Print is produced in odd years.
PAWS Print Template

PAWS Print Template

APWA has created this template to allow individuals the opportunity to highlight local public works stories, and insert it along with the nationally produced PAWS Print.

APWA Mascots

P.W. Paws is APWA's official mascot and he is sometimes joined by Chipper, the star of APWA's Discovering the World of Public Works collection.  These mascots can be used to enhance your outreach activities.

Reserve the 9 foot tall, inflatable P.W. Paws mascot costume for your event.

Create your own character stand-up cutout.

P.W. Paws Outreach Items

P.W. Paws is APWA’s official mascot and we have designed and developed a variety of Paws themed give-a-way items – pencils, balloons, stickers, coloring and comic books to name a few. These items can be purchased through the APWA Store. Additional outreach items such as squeeze balls, temporary tattoos, t-shirts, posters, and informative booklets can be found in the Community Outreach section of the APWA Store.

Outreach to K-5th grades

Discovering the World of Public Works

Discovering the World of Public Works
 introduces children (K-5) to the multifaceted and exciting world of public works. Since its release, more than 33,000 copies of the workbook have been sold to date.

This program introduces children to four key areas of public works - construction, traffic and transportation, solid waste, and water and wastewater- while informing them about basic public safety concepts.

Outreach to 6th-8th grades

Exploring the World of Public Works

Exploring the World of Public Works is an innovative and comprehensive curriculum designed for students in 6th to 8th grade—an age at which many young people begin considering career paths. The straightforward, contemporary curriculum integrates school subjects like social studies, language arts, science, math, and art into the study of important public works topics—construction, parks and recreation, traffic and transportation, water and wastewater, solid waste, and careers in public works.

Outreach to 9th-12th grades (High School)

Shaping the World of Public Works

Shaping the World of Public Works seeks to educate high school students about public works functions and careers. These materials build on the foundation established by APWA with its elementary and middle school educational programs by offering resources for helping high school students understand the scope of public works in their communities and the opportunities they have to be part of this vital workforce.
Click here to view sample pages.

Outreach to Colleges

Careers in Public Works (publication)

There are more jobs in public works than most people realize. Using sample classified ads and interviews with real public works professionals, this book provides an overview of the world of public works for students and job seekers.
Click here to view sample pages.

APWA truly embraces and recognizes the need of educating our young people. If you have any further questions, would like additional information, or would like to speak with an APWA representative, please 800-848-2792 or email