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Water Resources Management Committee


On behalf of APWA members, we promote and provide education on best management practices for water resources to achieve resilient and sustainable systems.

A Message from the Chair

About the Committee

Committee members consist of experts in water, wastewater, reuse and stormwater, allowing us to advocate for public works professionals on a wide variety of subjects that span the diverse clean water industry.  The Committee fulfills its mission by:

  • supporting APWA members and their respective agencies through advocacy efforts and education, recognizing the need for our membership to meet growing regulatory requirements with limited financial resources
  • partnering with APWA Government Affairs to continuously monitor new trends a regulations impacting the daily operations of public works professionals
  • collaborating with our sister organizations at the Water Environment Federation (WEF), National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), American Water Works Association (AWWA), and other agencies in supporting legislation such as infrastructure reinvestment, environmental regulation and affordability for communities and rate payers
  • developing position statements that allow Government Affairs to educate lawmakers on issues that impact you
  • working with Media Relations to respond to media requests for expert opinions on a wide range of water-related topics, such as the recent crisis in Flint, Michigan
  • educating public works personnel  on topics related to clean water by
    • development of the APWA Reporter's water issue annually in February
    • development of Click, Listen, and Learn online presentations
    • information sharing on APWA Connect's Water Resources Management infoNOW Community
    • development and hosting of the Public Works Stormwater Summit held in conjunction with APWA's annual PWX event (formerly known as the International Public Works Congress & Exposition  - "The Best Show in Public Works")
  • AND, this year, our committee is taking on the exciting challenge of developing recommendations for modernizing the Clean Water Act

Water Resources Management Knowledge Team

In an effort to expand volunteer opportunities to those who may be interested in contributing to the Water Resources Management Committee, the committee has created a Water Resources Management Knowledge Team. Members of the Knowledge Team will commit to share information with APWA members through working on projects such as writing articles, presenting Click, Listen, and Learn sessions, speaking at PWX and other conferences and other methods.

Resources for members

The Water Resources Management Committee has developed these resources for members. These toolboxes are intended for individuals new to this area of public works. They can also be used as education for residents and the governing body of your agency:

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