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Fleet Management Committee


The Fleet Management Committee’s mission is to support excellence in fleet management, through advancing the leadership, education and promotion of fleet proficiency to APWA members, agencies and organizations.

A Message from the Chair


About the Committee

This very active committee focuses on professional development and technical industry information related to the acquisition, management, maintenance, sustainability and disposal of public fleet assets and equipment.

Public Fleet Manager Certification (CPFP) - The certification program includes an eligibility application process, a multiple-choice exam and a recertification application process. Complete details are available on the CPFP webpages.

APWA Store - The committee also works with APWA staff on development of quality, technical publications, DVDs and downloadables that are easy to understand, loaded with useful information, and offered at the best possible cost. A partial list of these products is provided below, or you may review the Fleet Services category of the APWA Store.

Educational Sessions at National Conferences - The committee provides program development and planning for fleet technical sessions at the APWA North American Snow Conference and PWX (formerly known as the International Public Works Congress & Exposition-"Best Show in Public Works").  Many education sessions from prior conferences are recorded and made available in the Resource Center. Click, Listen and Learn (CLL) programs - The committee also works with the education staff to identify topics, develop and plan in-depth, instructional, interactive, internet-based, educational training that you watch on your digital device. APWA offers the live Click, Listen and Learn programs at no cost to members (fee for non-members).  Following completion of the live program, the presentation is packaged into handy downloadable format that is available for purchase in the APWA Store or free to members via the Resource Center. Samples include:
  • Modifying Operations and Facilities to Accommodate AFVs in Public Works Fleets
  • Understanding the Required EVT (Emergency Vehicle Training)
  • Public vs. Private Fleets - What's best for your agency?

Resource Center - A collection of education resources our Fleet community can listen to, read, or watch. These items include recorded sessions from past PWX (or International Public Works Congress & Exposition) events, past CLLs, past APWA Reporter magazine articles, and other programs of interest to fleet professionals.

Communication Network - Members interested in discussing fleet operations issues with other APWA members are encouraged to subscribe to the Fleet Management infoNOW community (within APWA Connect). This forum connects you to other public sector fleet management professionals and provides opportunities to post and answer questions to your peers.

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