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Public Works First Responder

The American Public Works Association is proud to announce the creation of a national “Public Works First Responder” symbol. In November 2017, the APWA Board of Directors approved the adoption of the symbol below for use throughout North America to identify public works personnel and acknowledge their federally-mandated role as first responders.

Public Works First Responder logo

To ensure this logo has maximum exposure in as many settings as possible—such as on fleet vehicles, license plates, letterhead, hard hats, uniforms, public buildings, and offices—APWA is making the symbol available to all public works agencies in multiple formats. We ask that agencies display the logo wherever appropriate to raise awareness among all citizens, government officials, and other first responders about the critical role public works plays in emergency management efforts. Agencies can obtain free access to the logo below under the “Downloadables” heading, or they may purchase items with the logo in the APWA Store.

APWA is very excited to introduce this new symbol and ask that you adopt it and encourage all public works agencies in your area to display it. Linked on the right side of this message, you will find APWA’s simple guidelines for use of this logo, which are to be followed when using it on the web or in all print formats. If you have any questions concerning the use of this symbol, please email David Dancy.

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1x1 Public Works First Responders Logo JPG
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Logo Guidelines

Attempted use to gain access to areas or situations not designated for public works is discouraged.


2:1 (rectangular) or 1:1 (square) aspect ratio.


Black - #000000, Pantone 6 C
Orange - #e86724, Pantone 1585 C
White - #f3f0f0


Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold

Usage Examples

Do's and Don'ts for using Public Works First Responder logo