Public Works Institutes

There are 19 APWA nationally-approved Public Works Institutes (list of approved institutes).

What topics are covered?

Each nationally-approved Institute adhere's to the set of core areas of study noted below.  Specific topics under those 11 core areas may vary based on local, regional, and state responsibilities or regulations.

  • Supervisory Techniques and Skills
  • Basic Management Skills
  • Communications Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Service/Customer Orientation Skills
  • Impact of Law on Public Works
  • Fundamentals of Government
  • Finance
  • Overview of Public Works Operations
  • Creating the Future
  • Resource Management Skills

Who should attend?

The Institute content is designed to address the supervisory and management needs of current first-line supervisors and up, and those individuals aspiring to be better leaders and supervisors.

What if there is not an Institute in my area?

If there is not an APWA nationally-approved Institute in your area then you are welcome to participate in one of the others.  And it might be a good time to talk to your chapter or branch leaders about operating an Institute at the local level.  For more information, see the "Operating an Institute" page.