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Certified Public Works Professional-Supervision (CPWP-S)

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The Public Works Professional-Supervision certification recognizes individuals in the public works field who have the knowledge and experience to supervise areas in a public works organization.

It is for public works supervisors, crew leaders and frontline employees ready for supervisory positions.


STEP 1: Eligibility and Verification  
STEP 2: Taking the Exam 
STEP 3: Navigating Certification and Recertification

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2020 Exam Dates

All exam applications must be received at least 30 days prior to preferred testing date. For the full 2020 exam schedule, click here.

S M Tu W Th F S
  6  7 8
    13 14 15    

S M Tu W Th F S
    10 11 12


S M Tu W Th F S
    15 16 17