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CPII:  Navigating Certification and Recertification

After successful completion of the exam, candidates become certified for a period of five years. Prior to the end of the five-year period, Certified Public Infrastructure Inspectors must complete a minimum of 50 credits earned through a combination of continuing education and contributions to the profession, and send in their completed Recertification Application and fee.

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Recertification Application Form

Recertification Application Fee

APWA Members $95; Nonmembers $145

Activities Which Qualify Towards the 50 Credits of Continuing Education and Contributions to the Profession

Participation in any of the following areas within an infrastructure or public works-related association:
  • Chapter Meeting Attendance = 1 credit per each chapter meeting attended
  • Serve as an Officer, Chair, Co-Chair or Committee Member = 10 credits per each year of service
  • Speaker, Instructor or Moderator = 5 credits per each session delivered
  • Published Article and Other Literary Contributions to Construction Inspection Field
    • Less than 500 words = 5 credits per each printed piece
    • 500 words or greater = 10 credits per each printed piece

Continuing education.  These credits can be earned by completing training using a combination of the delivery methods and content areas listed below.

    Each clock hour = 1 credit
    Annual Conference Attendance = 6 credits per each full day of attendance

  • Approved Delivery Methods
    • Continuing education programs offered by APWA, APWA Chapters, or other associations related to public works (includes face-to-face and online delivery).
    • Courses taken for credit at an accredited college or university.
    • In-house training programs conducted by your agency or city.
    • Correspondence programs.
    • Recognized technical upgrading conducted by manufacturers, vendors or a certified school.
  • Approved Content Areas

Use the Recertification Tracking Sheet to provide details about the credits you submit and indicate the total.