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Local Chapter Membership and Chapter Dues

APWA membership includes membership in your local chapter. APWA automatically assigns your primary chapter based on mailing address. All APWA chapters are part of the national association.

Some chapters have established their own membership dues to help support their local programs. These dues (where applicable) are invoiced with national membership dues and must be paid to maintain active membership.

Primary Chapter Assignment

As a member, you may make a special request to be assigned to a chapter other than that which corresponds with your mailing address. Contact us at or 1-800-848-APWA (2792) to make a request.

Info-Sharing Chapters

In addition to the primary chapter assignment, you may request to be an info-sharing member of other chapters. You will have full access to member benefits in the chapter except chapter leadership roles. There is no fee for being an info-sharing member of a chapter. Contact us at or 1-800-848-APWA (2792) to make a request.

Chapter Dues

Dues (USD)
Arizona $20
Arkansas 25% of National Dues
British Columbia
Florida $10
Kansas City Metro
Kentucky $20
Michigan $25
Mid-Atlantic (formerly VA/DC/MD + WV)
Minnesota 25% of National Dues
Nevada 10% of National Dues
New England
25% of National Dues
New Jersey
New York (not New York Metro)
North Carolina
Northern California
15% of National Dues
Ohio $15
Ontario 20% of National Dues
Rocky Mountain (ID, MT, WY)
Sacramento $10
San Diego
South Carolina
Southern California
25% of National Dues
Tennessee $15
Texas $30
Utah $20
Ventura $10
Washington $25
Western Pennsylvania
Wisconsin $15

Branches and Branch Dues

Some chapters cover large jurisdictions and have formed branches to bring educational and networking opportunities to an even more specific geographic area. These branches operate under the oversight of the local chapter.

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Branch Dues

Some branches have established branch dues to help support the programs they are offering in their specific geographic area, but branch membership is optional, so branch membership dues (if applicable) are not included with the national-chapter membership invoice. All APWA chapters and branches are part of the national association; therefore, it is not possible to hold membership at the branch level only.

Questions? Contact us at or 1-800-848-APWA (2792).