CPWA’s 2022 Policy Priorities the Backbone of Canadian Life

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – February 17, 2022 – As Canada focuses on rebuilding and growing its economy, the Canadian Public Works Association today unveiled its new public policy priorities to help public works agencies continue delivering the essential services and infrastructure that form the backbone of Canadian communities.

“The pandemic has exacerbated an already challenging situation for local governments across Canada when it comes to delivering infrastructure services,” said CPWA President Rylan Wadsworth. “Our 2022 public policy priorities are focused on making sure public works agencies have the resources they need to facilitate a successful economic recovery.”

“From water and wastewater treatment, parks and recreation, snow removal and sanitation, public transit and transportation networks, and the management of public facilities and assets, our members have been incredibly resilient in the face of ongoing challenges,” said CPWA CEO Scott Grayson. “Supporting the men and women on the front lines who keep our communities safe has never been more important.”

CPWA’s 2022 Public Policy Priorities are Emergency Management and Disaster Mitigation, Climate Resilient Infrastructure, and Water Resilience.

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