President Biden Introduces ‘American Jobs Plan’

On March 31, President Joe Biden introduced his American Jobs Plan, which is a robust $2.25 trillion proposal to span over 8-years. The plan calls for substantial investment in areas of infrastructure important to APWA to include $620 billion in roads, bridges, transit, and electric vehicles, as well as $45 billion to remove lead pipes, and $66 billion offered to provide grants and low-cost loans to states, territories, tribes, and additional investment to strengthen our rural wastewater and well systems. APWA also appreciates the President including a proposed investment of $100 billion into workforce development programs.

Immediately following the President’s live announcement outlining his proposal and goals for the economy, APWA issued a press release applauding the President’s goals for infrastructure and urging Congress to act. APWA’s public policy priorities for the 117th Congress are Surface Transportation Reauthorization, Water Resiliency, and Emergency Management. In APWA’s press release, President Mary Joyce Ivers stated, “We call upon Congress and the Biden administration to come together again to support infrastructure investment, and reinvestment, that will provide, as it has for generations, a successful foundation to safeguard the essential public works services counted upon by our citizenry.”

APWA Government Affairs will continue to engage with Congress on behalf of the Association and its public policy objectives. We encourage APWA members to contact all members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate to share why Congress and the Biden administration need to come together and get a strong, bipartisan, substantive infrastructure package done before this September, when the current surface transportation reauthorization law expires. For more information about APWA’s Government Affairs program, please contact Director of Government and Public Affairs Andrea Eales at