EPA Announces Advancement of PFAS Action Plan

On January 19, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new actions on the Agency’s Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) Action Plan. EPA announced the following actions related to PFAS:

  • The Agency will initiate the process to develop a national primary drinking water regulation for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). EPA intends to fast track the evaluation of additional PFAS substances for future drinking water regulatory determinations. The process will include further analyses, scientific review, and opportunity for public comment. This step follows APWA’s recommendation that EPA follow the regulatory determination process laid out in the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • EPA is issuing an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) to get public comment and data to inform the Agency’s ongoing evaluation of PFOA and PFOS. This information will also help the Agency consider whether additional regulatory steps to address PFAS contamination in the environment are necessary. More information can be found on EPA’s website.
  • EPA also proposed to collect new PFAS data under the fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 5). The new data will be used to better understand occurrence and prevalence of 29 PFAS in the nation’s drinking water. The UCMR 5 proposal includes monitoring for six PFAS that were part of UCMR 3, now using new analytical methods that support lower reporting levels. EPA also proposes that an additional 23 PFAS be monitored using methods developed by EPA.
  • The Agency announced an ANPRM to collect data and information regarding manufacturers of PFAS and the presence and treatment of PFAS in discharges from these facilities. EPA is also requesting information regarding PFAS formulators—facilities that produce a variety of PFAS products and materials from PFAS feedstocks. This action is based on information the Agency has collected as described in the recently finalized Effluent Guidelines Program Plan 14. The information collected through this action will help inform whether these industrial sources warrant regulation through national Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs) to address PFAS discharges

For more information on PFAS and EPA’s actions, please contact APWA Government Affairs Manager Sean Garcia at sgarcia@apwa.net.