Learn About Traffic Safety During National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week

APWA is a member of the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Executive Leadership Group (ELG) for Traffic Incident Management (TIM). This effort brings together professionals from public works, law enforcement, fire and rescue, EMS, towing, and transportation, among others. FHWA supports and convenes the ELG and various TIM-related initiatives, training, and sharing of best practices across the U.S.

One high profile initiative is taking place November 9-15, 2020, National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week (NTIRAW). During the week, Slow Down. Move Over. Be Safe. will be widely used to succinctly explain the primary messaging of TIM.

Please be sure to learn more about these efforts through the TIM Network, as well as find out about available resources, and how you can bring TIM training to your department and community. Also, please take a few moments to share information about the role of public works in TIM, what your organization is doing to support traffic safety efforts, and those of responding partners through social media.


For information about APWA’s role in the ELG TIM, please contact APWA’s Director of Government and Public Affairs Andrea Eales at aeales@apwa.net.