APWA welcomes WIFMA members

APWA is pleased to welcome a new group of members to the organization. The Wisconsin Facility Management Association was created to provide fellow facility managers a community to connect with to evolve the way facilities are managed. The organization recently decided to end the day-to-day activities. They used their accumulated funding to purchase APWA memberships for 41 facility professionals.

We are delighted to welcome the new members to APWA and to the Wisconsin Chapter. The group brings a combined knowledge and experience in the management of public facilities, which will be a welcome addition to APWA overall, and to the Facilities & Grounds segment of the organization.

APWA and its members offer the WIFMA members combined expertise in every facet of public works, valuable education and training programs, and enhanced networking opportunities.

“This is a great example of how expanding our efforts and working with other organizations that we become a better and more diverse organization,” said Tammy Bennett, APWA's Director of Membership & Engagement.